Monday, April 25, 2016

Monday Things

1.  For Matt's birthday, I bought him (and me) season passes to Six Flags Great America.  We debated whether we should or shouldn't buy them for quite a while, but in the end we went for it.  I figured out we only need to visit 3 times the whole season to make the passes worth it.  Plus we only live about 15 minutes from the park! So we went for the first time yesterday for opening weekend and had a blast.  Three rides was all we were able to manage but I'm looking forward to checking out more roller coasters!

2. Last week, the Ladies Book Club had a special outing to Tuscan Wine Market in Arlington Heights. They hosted a book club with the author for "Pretty Baby" by Mary Kubica.  Our book club had previously read her first book "The Good Girl".  I really enjoyed both books and they were quick reads for me.  

3.   Prior to that, last weekend I was up in the Madison, Wisconsin, area to ride the IMWI bike course.  I drove up on Saturday morning to meet up with Kelly and Brent and friends for one loop.  After moving to the northwoods, the bike loop is only a 2 hour drive from our house.  Over the winter, my legs have totally forgotten what hills are so this loop was  a bit of  a challenge, but I survived. 

I wanted to be twinsies with Brent
4. The party didn't end there but continued with a pub crawl at various Mr. Brews Taphouse around the Madison area.  Which probably would have been better if I didn't start out dehyrdated and then the bus for the "crawl" portion not arriving for 2+ hours at our first stop.  You can probably guess my state by the end of the night.  Actually I was in bed at 9 pm and yet it felt like 2 am. 

Plus I demolished this burger
5. I usually take a treat to work for my birthday each year.  This year I was a little delayed as my birthday was 2 weeks ago.  But no one complained and everyone still ate the cupcakes.  I made them from this recipe.  The cupcakes turned out great and I received several compliments.  Though I think next time instead of the peanut butter cream cheese frosting I would do a chocolate frosting to make it more like a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup. 

Saturday, April 23, 2016

2015 Racing Statistics

It's already April and the 2015 ship has long sailed.  But I really enjoy having this year-end recaps to look back on.  I already have done this 3 years in a row and can't skip 2015!

Races/Events participated in: 6
Races "raced": 4
Volunteered at: 0
Miles raced: 272.1


Indoor Time Triathlon: 1
44 mile ride: 1
Sprint Triathlon: 1
Half Ironman: 3

States: Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, Iowa 


Coldest Race: 70° | Arlington 500 

Hottest Race: 84° and not shaded | Pigman Half Ironman

Wettest Race: Espirit de She | though it didn't rain during my race it rained all morning and the start was delayed one hour

Races for free: 0
Race entries I paid for others: 0
Total spent: $648
Average cost per race ($648/6): $108
Average cost per mile ($648/272.1): $2.38
Cheapest Race: Arlington 500 for only $20 plus tons of snacks at the aid station
Most expensive race: $225+ for Ironman 70.3 Steelhead 

Half Ironman - 5:57:25

Races run alone: 0
Most popular to race with: Kelly (4), Amy (3), Brent (3), and my coworkers Ben (1) and Heather (1), and friend Laura (1)

Best of:

Race Picture:  I actually have this picture framed

Finish Line Jump:

Training Partner: 

Paparazzi moment: 

Captured by Matt and posted on instagram with the comment that it was time for wetsuit stuffing

Post-race food

Poutine at Green Bay Brewery

Months I rode my bike outside: 9
Including December

Lakes rode around: 1

Times I was the third wheel with these two: ~100

Thanks for letting me tag along

  • 2015 was the year of the half Ironman.  I worked really hard to break the 6 hour mark and was thrilled with my results at Steelhead.  Now I want to break 5:50. 
  • No weasels again this year! Rude! I did see a pheasant and a snake. 
  • I am already signed up for Ironman Wisconsin 2016.  I have a few other races tentatively on the schedule as well.   The priority race will be the Ironman so I am only looking at races that will help me improve for the Ironman. 
  • I am like a broken record when I mention I want to break 2 hours in the half marathon and 3 hours in an Olympic-distance triathlon. They are still on my goal list but I did not make them a priority for 2015 and won't be a priority for 2016. 
  • I spent a lot less money on triathlon stuff in 2015. No new bikes and a lot less money on nutrition since I wasn't doing the super long bike rides that Ironman training requires. 
  • No injuries this year! And I took steps to improve my irritated piriformis muscles.  I started going to the chiropractor during the summer and I've seen a lot of improvement. I do need to increase the amount of time I spend stretching and doing my corrective muscle exercises. 
  • According to Garmin Connect, I ran 143.6 miles, biked 1238 miles, and swam 13.8 miles.  For all activities I covered 1399 miles over 116 hours. That is down a lot from 2014 but I am guessing it will be up well over 2000 miles for 2016.  

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Meet Holly

The newest member of the Kurt household:

Holly Pearl Kurt formerly Holly Berry (get it?) was adopted on March 19, 2016.  I've only known her for about 2.5 weeks but I love her already.  She fits in great at our house. 

Holly comes to us by way of Animal House Shelter in Huntley. We had originally gone out to the shelter about 6 weeks ago to meet some dogs and although we met about 5 dogs and really liked 2 of them, we decided to wait a bit longer before bringing one home. 

When we went back 2.5 weeks ago, we met 2 other dogs before meeting Holly.  Right away, Matt and I both really liked her.  She loved pets and walked well on the leash.  She had a lot of what we were looking for in a dog: active, medium size (not too big, not too small), a young adult but not a puppy, cute and good with other dogs and kids.  At first, I was a little bit hesitant because I though she might not be active enough for us and she wasn't interested in playing fetch at all.  But she was the sweetest and seemed like a really great dog.  I turned out to be totally wrong on the active part as her favorite activity is going outside. 

So we brought her home.  And she fits right in.

We don't know much about Holly's history we just know that she was picked up in Logan County, Illinois. She is about 2 years old and is a Lab and Staffordshire Terrier mix. At about 40 pounds currently she needs to gain a few more pounds ideally. 

She was already fully house-trained and is adjusting really well to her new home.  She is still getting kenneled while we are at work which she doesn't love but will comply for treats.  If you say "outside" she runs right to the door and wags her tail except when I wake her up in the morning.  Cuddling in bed with Matt is a much better option than walking outside at 6 am. 

We've yet to hear her bark but when she is very excited she'll growl instead.  Learning to sit, stay and lay down are coming along well but she definitely still needs to learn how to meet people nicely and not jump on them.  

The toy situation is hilarious. We bought her a bunch of new toys right away and she has really only been interested in destroying the squeakers.  Not to eat it, just to make sure it is never squeaked again and sometimes so the stuffing is ripped out. 

Things she can't destroy like the rope are not that fun for her.  Really she'd just rather we sit on the couch so she can sit in our laps and get pets, belly scratches and cuddles. 

Since she had heartworms when she arrived at the shelter, she is still on an exercise restriction so no running or dog parks for the next month or two.  

She already makes me so happy . 

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