Saturday, April 23, 2016

2015 Racing Statistics

It's already April and the 2015 ship has long sailed.  But I really enjoy having this year-end recaps to look back on.  I already have done this 3 years in a row and can't skip 2015!

Races/Events participated in: 6
Races "raced": 4
Volunteered at: 0
Miles raced: 272.1


Indoor Time Triathlon: 1
44 mile ride: 1
Sprint Triathlon: 1
Half Ironman: 3

States: Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, Iowa 


Coldest Race: 70° | Arlington 500 

Hottest Race: 84° and not shaded | Pigman Half Ironman

Wettest Race: Espirit de She | though it didn't rain during my race it rained all morning and the start was delayed one hour

Races for free: 0
Race entries I paid for others: 0
Total spent: $648
Average cost per race ($648/6): $108
Average cost per mile ($648/272.1): $2.38
Cheapest Race: Arlington 500 for only $20 plus tons of snacks at the aid station
Most expensive race: $225+ for Ironman 70.3 Steelhead 

Half Ironman - 5:57:25

Races run alone: 0
Most popular to race with: Kelly (4), Amy (3), Brent (3), and my coworkers Ben (1) and Heather (1), and friend Laura (1)

Best of:

Race Picture:  I actually have this picture framed

Finish Line Jump:

Training Partner: 

Paparazzi moment: 

Captured by Matt and posted on instagram with the comment that it was time for wetsuit stuffing

Post-race food

Poutine at Green Bay Brewery

Months I rode my bike outside: 9
Including December

Lakes rode around: 1

Times I was the third wheel with these two: ~100

Thanks for letting me tag along

  • 2015 was the year of the half Ironman.  I worked really hard to break the 6 hour mark and was thrilled with my results at Steelhead.  Now I want to break 5:50. 
  • No weasels again this year! Rude! I did see a pheasant and a snake. 
  • I am already signed up for Ironman Wisconsin 2016.  I have a few other races tentatively on the schedule as well.   The priority race will be the Ironman so I am only looking at races that will help me improve for the Ironman. 
  • I am like a broken record when I mention I want to break 2 hours in the half marathon and 3 hours in an Olympic-distance triathlon. They are still on my goal list but I did not make them a priority for 2015 and won't be a priority for 2016. 
  • I spent a lot less money on triathlon stuff in 2015. No new bikes and a lot less money on nutrition since I wasn't doing the super long bike rides that Ironman training requires. 
  • No injuries this year! And I took steps to improve my irritated piriformis muscles.  I started going to the chiropractor during the summer and I've seen a lot of improvement. I do need to increase the amount of time I spend stretching and doing my corrective muscle exercises. 
  • According to Garmin Connect, I ran 143.6 miles, biked 1238 miles, and swam 13.8 miles.  For all activities I covered 1399 miles over 116 hours. That is down a lot from 2014 but I am guessing it will be up well over 2000 miles for 2016.  
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