Monday, April 25, 2016

Monday Things

1.  For Matt's birthday, I bought him (and me) season passes to Six Flags Great America.  We debated whether we should or shouldn't buy them for quite a while, but in the end we went for it.  I figured out we only need to visit 3 times the whole season to make the passes worth it.  Plus we only live about 15 minutes from the park! So we went for the first time yesterday for opening weekend and had a blast.  Three rides was all we were able to manage but I'm looking forward to checking out more roller coasters!

2. Last week, the Ladies Book Club had a special outing to Tuscan Wine Market in Arlington Heights. They hosted a book club with the author for "Pretty Baby" by Mary Kubica.  Our book club had previously read her first book "The Good Girl".  I really enjoyed both books and they were quick reads for me.  

3.   Prior to that, last weekend I was up in the Madison, Wisconsin, area to ride the IMWI bike course.  I drove up on Saturday morning to meet up with Kelly and Brent and friends for one loop.  After moving to the northwoods, the bike loop is only a 2 hour drive from our house.  Over the winter, my legs have totally forgotten what hills are so this loop was  a bit of  a challenge, but I survived. 

I wanted to be twinsies with Brent
4. The party didn't end there but continued with a pub crawl at various Mr. Brews Taphouse around the Madison area.  Which probably would have been better if I didn't start out dehyrdated and then the bus for the "crawl" portion not arriving for 2+ hours at our first stop.  You can probably guess my state by the end of the night.  Actually I was in bed at 9 pm and yet it felt like 2 am. 

Plus I demolished this burger
5. I usually take a treat to work for my birthday each year.  This year I was a little delayed as my birthday was 2 weeks ago.  But no one complained and everyone still ate the cupcakes.  I made them from this recipe.  The cupcakes turned out great and I received several compliments.  Though I think next time instead of the peanut butter cream cheese frosting I would do a chocolate frosting to make it more like a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup. 

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