Monday, March 27, 2017

Back to the Grind

Today marks 16 weeks to my next half Ironman--either Racine or Door County I haven't decided which yet.  So that means it's back to the training grind.  It's been a long off season which is code for I've been really lazy.

If only walking the dog counted as mileage or vigorous exercise.

My focus this year is consistency.  Getting in workouts on a day-to-day basis.  In past seasons, I'll do good for a few days but then I get off-track and take 2-3 days off.  I want to squeeze workouts in even if I can't get the whole workout in at least I can build some consistency in my workouts. 

I'd like to start checking these off. 

Plus I'd like to work on getting a more consistent schedule.  Having a different plan every day doesn't work well for me, making my workouts a regular habit in my day.  This means saying "no" more often.  Especially lately saying "no" at work more often especially so to additional projects or helping out teammates when I already have my plate full. 

So back to the grind.  I am off to a great start with a 40 minute bike ride and 20 minutes of yoga. 
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