Thursday, July 19, 2018

IMLP Training Week 19-22

Week 19 - Build 2 Week 1
Monday, June 4 - Rest
Tuesday, June 5 - 7.2 mi run w/ Holly
     Time: 6:21pm, Duration: 1:11:06, Avg Pace: 9:52, Loc: Hastings Lake FP, ME Run 3x8min Z3 with 2 min recoveries (paces: 8:31, 8:24, 8:29), Felt: okay
Wednesday, June 6 - 25 mi indoor ride
     Time: 7:41pm, Duration: 1:36:39, Avg Speed: 15.5, Loc: indoor trainer, ME ride with 25min WU, 5x6min in Z4 "hill" with 3min recoveries, Felt: okay, had a really long day at work
Thursday, June 7 - 2650yd swim16 mi indoor bike
     Time: 6:09pm, Duration: 52:31, Pace: 1:59, Loc: Lake Andrea, Pleasant Prairie OPEN WATER!, Felt: good, felt fine swimming without a wetsuit and water was comfortable 
     Time: 8:58pm, Duration: 1:04:23, Avg Speed: 14.9, Loc: indoor trainer, easy ride, Felt: tired, ready for bed
Friday, June 8 - 6.5 mi run w/ Holly
     Time: 6:41pm, Duration: 1:07:42, Avg Pace: 10:26, Loc: to Sun Lake FP, easy run, Felt: glad once I was out there but legs were tired
Saturday, June 9 - Rest mini-race taper
Sunday, June 10 - Ironman 70.3 Wisconsin
     Time: 8:22am, Duration: 6:14:26, Loc: Madison, WI, Felt: really strong on the run (full report to come)

Totals - 11 sessions, 126.2 miles, 12:11:03
  • 2 swims, 4866 yards, 1:37
  • 3 bikes, 96.3 miles, 6:02
  • 3 runs, 26.7 miles, 4:19

Week 20 - Build 2 Week 2
Monday, June 11 - Rest
Tuesday, June 12 - Rest
Wednesday, June 13 - 7.4 mi run w/ Holly
     Time: 7:19pm, Duration: 1:14:58, Pace: 10:07, Loc: Grant Woods FP, ME run with 4x8:00 in Z3 (paces: 8:45, 8:33, 8:29, 9:03) with 2 min recoveries, Felt: legs still fatigued yet from Saturday
Thursday, June 14 - Rest
Friday, June 15 - 20 mi indoor bike
    Time: 7:19am, Duration: 1:19:29, Avg Speed: 15.1, Loc: Indoor trainer, Me ride with 4x7min at Z4 "hill" with 3:30 recoveries, Felt: legs are finally coming around
Saturday, June 16 - 22.6 mi ride with Matt, Ben and Kyleen
     Time: 7:25am, Duration: 1:32:06, Speed: 14.7, Loc: Door County, Felt: disappointed with the weather that made us cut our ride short, also freezing
Sunday, June 17 - 41.5 mi bike
     Time: 6:19am, Duration: 2:32:15, Speed: 16.4, Loc: Door County, WI, Felt: good,very humid already

Totals - 4 activities, 91.58 miles, 6:38:47
  • 3 bikes, 84.2 miles, 5:24
  • 1 run, 7.4 miles, 1:15

Week 21 - Build 2 Week 3 
Monday, June 18 - Rest
Tuesday, June 19 - 25 mi bike
     Time: 9:15pm, Duration: 1:43:52, Speed: 14.5, Loc: indoor trainer, ME ride with 5x8 min in Z4 "hill" with 4 min recoveries, Felt: intervals felt very tough
Wednesday, June 20 - 7.5 mi run w/ Holly
     Time: 7:19pm, Duration: 1:12:28, Pace: 9:39, Loc: to Sun Lake FP, ME run with 6 sets of 30s strides, 4x8 min in Z3 (paces - 8:35, 8:22, 8:50, 8:38), Felt: good! intervals felt comfortable
Thursday, June 21 - 18 mi bike
     Time: 8:12pm, Duration: 1:15:52, Speed: 14.2, Loc: indoor trainer, Felt: easy ride, fine glad for recovery day
Friday, June 22 - 2800yd swim
     Time: 4:15pm, Duration: 51:56, Pace: 1:44, Loc: LHFC pool, (500 WU, 4x300 hard intervals @ 5:20, 100 kick, 1000 moderate), Felt: intervals finally feeling faster
Saturday, June 23 -100 mi bike with Matt + 2.15 mi transition run with Holly
    Time: 8:51am, Duration : 6:33:32, Speed: 15.3, Loc: Cascade to Caves and back, then to Timberline, Epworth, Fillmore and back, Felt: good! glad to get in 100!
     Time: 4:45pm, Duration: 20:04, Pace: 9:20, Loc: around Cascade, Felt: nice, light rain felt really good, legs felt surprisingly good
Sunday, June 24 - Rest

Totals - 6 activities, 154.57 miles, 11:57:43
  • 1 swim, 2800 yds, 0:52
  • 3 bikes, 143.3 miles, 9:33
  • 2 runs, 9.6 miles, 1:33

Week 22 - Build 2 Week 4

Monday, June 25 - 7.5 mi run with Holly (and Matt biking)
     Time: 7:34pm, Duration: 1:10:50, Pace: 9:27, Loc: Sun Lake FP, ME run with 30sec strides and 4x8min in Z3 with 2min recoveries (paces - 8:20, 8:25, 8:28, 8:17), Felt: last interval was so tough, glad to get this one done
Tuesday, June 26 - 16 mi bike
     Time: 9:15pm, Duration: 1:06:57, Speed: 14.3, Loc: indoor trainer, easy ride, Felt: legs felt rough from Monday's run, decided to skip the hard bike and do an easy recovery ride
Wednesday, June 27 -  6.1 mi run w/ Holly (and Matt biking)
     Time: 8:09pm, Duration: 1:00:23, Pace: 9:53, Loc: Sun Lake FP, easy run, Felt: good, glad for and easy day
Thursday, June 28 - 28 mi bike
     Time: 6:57pm, Duration: 1:37:37, Speed: 17.3, Loc: OUTSIDE! house to past Trevor, Felt: harder ride, but felt great! got the legs burning a little bit! loved riding outside
Friday, June 29 - 3000yd swim
     Time: 4:10pm, Duration: 59:32, Pace: 1:42, Loc: LHFC pool, (500 WU, 100 kick, 6x300 hardi intervals on 5:20, 100 kick, 2x200 pull, 100WD), Felt: feeling faster
Saturday, June 30 - 100 mi bike
    Time: 8:35am, Duration: 6:31:50, Speed: 15.3, Loc: Cascade to Caves and back, then to Epworth, Farley and back, Felt: like a million degrees, but managed okay, Matt had to bag out due to heat exhaustion 
Sunday, July 1 - 6.5 mi run
     Time: 8:13pm, Duration: 1:06:51, Pace: 10:17, Loc: to Sun Lake FP, easy run, Felt: waited all day to run to avoid the heat and it was still so hot, legs felt tired but ran okay

Totals - 7 activities, 165.9 miles, 13:34
  • 1 swim, 3000 yds, 1:00
  • 3 bikes, 144.1 miles, 9:16
  • 3 runs, 20.1 miles, 3:18

Total for this cycle
  • 26 swims, 48916 yds, 17:00
  • 50 rides, 1402.9 mi, 93:38
  • 53 runs, 330.2 mi, 54:41
  • 7 strength, 6:15

  • I know this training was over a month ago but I want to record it for my own records, so here you go. 
  • Pretty much got kicked out of the lake during my open water swim.  It took a super long time to get in through the gate - they took everyone's name address, phone number and email one person at a time.  It was so frustrating!  
  • Since we recently moved and packed up so much of our stuff, I could not find my wetsuit.  I ended up doing my open water swim and the half Ironman without it.  I swim fine without it but it definitely helps me go faster!  Good news is we finally found it!
  • The Door County century ride we had planned for Saturday June 16 was a bust.  The forecast called for some light rains in the morning and then it was supposed to blow over and be a nice day.  Instead what happened was the storm cell just sat over the Door County Peninsula and rained and rained.  It was pouring which made biking really hard - we could barely even see, and then we were soaking wet and freezing. We cried uncle and Ben's mom ended up coming to pick us up.  Which is good because later I heard that it hailed and also like blew away an aid station. I'm not that hardcore.
  • After a relatively cool start to summer training the heat sure picked up late June.  It wasn't great, but I am glad I did get some heat training in.  During the last 100 miler on the bike, it was about 95 degrees and Matt had to call it quits due to the heat.  He was pretty disappointed but he had not been out much in the heat yet and it takes time to acclimate! 

Friday, June 8, 2018

Five Things Friday

1. We've been in the home-buying process for a while now and it is really starting to be no fun.  Sigh.  We've put offers in on 2 places and didn't get either of them.  It is definitely a seller's market right now where we are looking.  The last house we offered on had 5 offers in 3 days.  It's hard to compete. And we've probably only looked at about a dozen or so houses in 6 months as that is just all there is in our area.
2. I made this awesome deer "crafgan" for my nephew.  It is corner-to-corner crochet which I have never done before (pattern here).  Now, we just wait for our nephew to make his grand entrance! He was due last Saturday, but I guess he is comfortable waiting ;)

3.  My mom made a special treat when I was visiting a few weekends ago - morel mushrooms.  We had to split the slim pickings between 3 people so this was my serving.  Still delicious! 

4. I'm racing my first triathlon of the season on Sunday - Ironman 70.3 Madison.  I am bib 691 if  you want to follow along.  This is my tune up race before IMLP! I am excited to race again.  I am not tapering for this race so I am not expecting a PR (and I heard the bike course is hella-hard!). 

5. I am experiencing one of the hazards of moving: I can't find something I know I had before the move. This time it is my wetsuit. Which stinks because see point 4.  Matt is going to look through our stored stuff today after work so hopefully he finds it. 

Thursday, June 7, 2018

IMLP Training Week 16-18

Week 16 - Build 1 Week 2 
Monday, May 14 - Rest
Tuesday, May 15 - 6.75mi run with Holly & Matt
     Time: 7:05pm, Duration: 1:06:58, Avg Pace: 9:55, Loc: Grant Woods FP, ME run with 4x8min @ Z3 pace with 3:00 recoveries (paces: 9:06, 8:48, 9:04, 9:14), Felt: legs sstill heavy from the weekend, Z3 pace felt incredibly hard
Wednesday, May 16 - 25 mi indoor bike 
     Time: 6:55pm, Duration: 1:43:44, Avg Speed: 14.5, Loc: indoor trainer, ME ride with 5x7min in Z4 "hill" with 2:30 recoveries, Felt: legs still heavy, intervals were really hard
Thursday, May 17 - 6.75 mi run with Holly
     Time: 7:13pm, Duration: 1:03:57, Avg Pace: 9:28, Loc: Sun Lake FP, easy run, Felt: legs finally came around, felt good, kept pace easy, let Holly pull me around to chase Matt ;) 
Friday, May 18 - Rest
Saturday, May 19 - Rest
Sunday, May 20 - BIG DAY 3100yd swim + 36 mi indoor bike + 9 mi run w/ Holly + 15 mi indoor bike
     Time: 8:53am, Duration: 1:00:45, Avg Pace: 1:54, Loc: LHFC pool, (500WU, 2x1000 moderate, 600 moderate), Felt: fine     
     Time: 3:45pm, Duration: 2:41:42, Avg Speed: 13.4, Loc: indoor trainer, Felt: boring riding indoors
     Time: 6:42pm, Duration: 1:30:23, Avg Pace: 10:02, Loc: to Sun Lake FP, Felt: good, nice & cool temps
     Time: 8:30pm, Duration: 1:02:45, Avg Speed: 14.5, Loc: Indoor trainer, Felt: tired

Totals - 7 sessions, 100.4 miles, 10:10:14
  • 1 swim, 3100 yds, 1:00
  • 3 rides, 76.1 mi, 5:28
  • 3 runs, 22.5 mi,  3:41

Week 17 - Build 1 Week 3
Monday, May 21 - Rest
Tuesday, May 22 - 7 mi run with Holly
     Time: 6:55pm, Duration: 1:07:59, Avg Pace: 9:43, Loc: to Sun Lake FP, ME run with 4x8min Z3 intervals w/ 2:30 recoveries, Felt: okay, intervals were tough, legs still a bit tired 
Wednesday, May 23 - 29 mile indoor bike
     Time: 9:14pm, Duration: 1:49:33 Avg Speed: 15.9, Loc: indoor trainer, ME ride with 6x8min in Z4 "hills" with 4:00 recoveries, Felt: hard to get to Z4 heart rate 
Thursday, May 24 - 6.2 mi run w/ Holly and Matt on bike
     Time: 7:01pm, Duration: 1:00:09, Avg Pace: 9:42, Loc: Sun Lake FP, easy run, Felt: really good, legs finally feel recovered
Friday, May 25 - 16 mi indoor bike + 2300 yd swim
     Time: 6:05am, Duration: 1:02:18, Avg Speed: 15.4, Loc: indoor trainer, Felt: good, kept it easy
     Time: 2:40pm, Duration: 46:24, Avg Pace: 1:46, Loc: LHFC pool, (500WU, 300 drill, 4x300 moderate, 300WD), Felt: good
Saturday, May 26 - 84 mi bike ride (estimated, first 50 w/ Matt) Part 1 and 2 (watch ran out of battery so used my phone)
     Time: 10:22am, Duration: 5:26:08, Avg Speed: 15.3, Loc: Cascade to Caves, then Timberline, then towards Epworth, Felt: HOT! glad to get in a long ride
Sunday, May 27 - 7 mi run
     Time: 8:16am, Duration: 1:15:21, Avg Pace: 10:44 Loc: Cascade, Felt: hot & humid and legs were not having it  

Totals - 8 sessions, 149.4 miles, 12:27:52
  • 1 swim, 2300 yds, 0:46
  • 3 rides, 129.0 mi, 8:18
  • 3 runs, 20.2 mi,  3:24

Week 18 - Build 1 Week 4 Recovery Week! 
Monday, May 28 - Rest
Tuesday, May 29 - 4 mi run w/ Holly
     Time: 7:04pm, Duration: 43:41, Avg Pace: 10:57, Loc: around Lake Villa, easy run, Felt: tired, glad for any easy run  
Wednesday, May 30 - 11.3 mi indoor ride
     Time: 8:19pm, Duration: 53:28 Avg Speed: 12.6, Loc: indoor trainer, easy ride, Felt: legs tired
Thursday, May 31 - 4.5 mi run w/ Holly and Matt on bike + 2200 yd swim 
     Time: 7:08pm, Duration: 45:35, Avg Pace: 10:07, Loc: Sun Lake FP, easy run, Felt: legs coming around 
     Time: 9:09pm, Duration: 42:58, Avg Pace: 1:45, Loc: LHFC pool, (500WU, 500 down the ladder, 100WD), Felt: good!
Friday, June 1 - 1700 yd swim 
     Time: 5:03pm, Duration: 34:18, Avg Pace: 1:48, Loc: LHFC pool, (500WU, 5x100 hard, 200pull, 200 drill, 200 moderate, 100WD), Felt: tired today
 Saturday, June 2 - 15 mi run (first 4 w/ Holly)
     Time: 11:06am, Duration: 2:34:39, Avg Pace: 10:18, Loc: Cascade, Felt: okay, a little warm, legs struggled a bit in the middle miles but glad to get a long run in 
Sunday, June 3 - 30 mi indoor ride + 1 mi transition run 
     Time: 7:47pm, Duration: 2:05:32, Avg Speed: 14.3, Loc: indoor trainer, Felt: tired from weekend 

Totals - 8 sessions, 68.0 miles, 8:32:12

  • 2 swim, 3900 yds, 1:17
  • 2 rides, 41.3 mi, 2:59
  • 4 runs, 24.5 mi, 4:16
Total for this cycle
  • 22 swims, 38250 yds, 13:31
  • 38 rides, 935.0 mi, 63:23
  • 44 runs, 266.4 mi, 44:16
  • 7 strength, 6:15

  • I need to focus on prioritizing Ironman training for these last few weeks before the race. I'm not going to whine about how busy I am because everyone is busy and obviously I have a lot more responsibilities than just Ironman training -- hello, job that actually pays for my hobbies.  But my social commitments will need to be limited from here on it.  Let's not talk about how I haven't made time to clean my house in forever though (seriously, no one is allowed to visit the disaster zone). 
  • The weather has been quite unpredictable. One Sunday it is 50 and cold and windy and the next it is 90 and sweltering.  Certainly makes training outside interesting.  I do wish it would get warm and stay warm so I can acclimate to the hotter weather in case it is hot on race day.
  • I don't mind the cooler weather too much though because I can still run with Holly! She doesn't appreciate temps above about 75 degrees.  If the run is short enough she will still go, we just take plenty of rest stops for water breaks and resting in the shade. 
  • We've been going on family bike rides/runs at our nearby forest preserve.  Matt rides his bike around the loop while Holly and I run.  Holly loves it and each time we see Matt we have to chase him which is fun for me because she runs really fast and just pulls me along.
  • Thank goodness for rest weeks because the fatigue was starting to get to me. I really enjoyed only running 4 miles for my weekday runs.
  • I've noticed a pattern that every week on Tuesdays, I write that my legs feel heavy.  Not surprising since the weekends usually include a lot of training, it just makes running intervals difficult.  I've thought about moving those runs to Thursday but I think it would only make the following weekend long runs and bikes worse. 
  • I'm happy with how things are going but I am still anxious about how the race will go.   That's me during Ironman training though. 
  • 45 days to go.  Eek!

Thursday, May 24, 2018

IMLP Training Week 14 & 15

Week 14 - Base 3 Week 4
Monday, April 30 - 6.5mi run with Holly
     Time: 6:47pm, Duration: 1:02:51, Avg Pace: 9:35, Loc: to Sun Lake FP, ME run with 4x5min @ Zone 4-5 pace with 2:30 recoveries (about 8:30 pace), Felt: hot! weather finally warmed up
Tuesday, May 1 - 29mi indoor bike
     Time: 7:01pm, Duration: 1:50:11, Avg Speed: 15.8, Loc: indoor trainer, ME ride with 6x5min in Zone 4 "hill" with 2:30 recoveries, Felt: good!
Wednesday, May 2 - 6.2mi run with Matt and Holly for 4 mi + 2600yd swim
     Time: 6:31pm, Duration: 1:01:52 Avg Pace: 9:56, Loc: neighborhood, easy run, Felt: legs felt heavy, stuck around the neighborhood so we could get home quick if it rained but it never did! was v. humid though
     Time: 8:43pm, Duration: 57:07, Avg Pace: 1:52, Loc: LHFC pool, [6x50 easy, 8x50 with ankle pull buoy, 4x50 kick, down the ladder 500,400,300,200,100, 200WD], Felt: good to be back in the water
Thursday, May 3 - 17mi indoor bike
     Time: 8:21pm, Duration: 1:07:30, Avg Speed: 15.1, Loc: indoor trainer, Felt: legs felt heavy and tired, tweaked neck night before sleeping and having some pain
Friday, May 4 - Rest
Saturday, May 5 - Rest
Sunday, May 6 - 70mi bike + 3mi transition run with Holly
     Time: 12:22pm, Duration: 4:22:54, Avg Speed: 16.0, Loc: to Lake Geneva, Felt: neck super stiff but needed to get out, wind was a bit frustrating on the way home 
     Time: 5:20pm, Duration: 29:19, Avg Pace: 9:44, Loc: to Sun Lake FP, Felt: not too bad!

Totals - 7 sessions, 133.2 miles, 10:50:54
  • 1 swim, 2600yds, 0:57
  • 3 rides, 116.0 mi, 7:20
  • 3 runs, 15.7 mi,  2:33

Week 15 - Build 1 Week 1 
Monday, May 7 - Rest
Tuesday, May 8 - 6.65mi easy run with Holly
     Time: 6:16pm, Duration: 1:05:07, Avg Pace: 9:48, Loc: Grant Woods FP, Felt: neck still hurts but actually felt better afterwards
Wednesday, May 9 - 19mi indoor bike
     Time: 9:12pm, Duration: 1:19:22 Avg Speed: 14.4, Loc: indoor trainer, Felt: still some lingering neck pain but feeling better, intervals were tough 
Thursday, May 10 - Rest
Friday, May 11 - Rest
Saturday, May 12 - 78mi bike with Ben + 3.19mi transition run
     Time: 9:51am, Duration: 5:07:38, Avg Speed: 15.2, Loc: IMWI bike loop, Felt: a little bit chilly, the wind was tough in spots, but felt okay during the climbs
     Time: 3:35pm, Duration: 30:02, Avg Pace: 9:26, Loc: Verona trail, Felt: ran too hard but legs felt okay after bike
Sunday, May 13 - 13mi long run
     Time: 1:36pm, Duration: 2:14:14, Avg Pace: 10:19 Loc: Grant Woods FP, Felt: legs felt so heavy, wanted to quit at mile 4 but just kept going  

Totals - 5 sessions, 119.89 miles, 10:16:20
  • 2 rides, 97.0 mi, 6:27
  • 3 runs, 22.8 mi,  3:49

Total for this cycle
  • 18 swims, 28950 yds, 10:28
  • 30 rides, 688.6 mi, 46:38
  • 34 runs, 199.2 mi, 32:55
  • 7 strength, 6:15

  • I slept on my neck weird and was in a ton of pain the first week.  I was icing and taking ibuprofen and really not getting any relief - sitting at my desk and trying to look at my computer did not help. I ended up going to the chiropractor and getting STIM on it and it finally loosened up. 
  • The fatigue build up is real.  I am TIRED! 
  • During my 13 mile long run where my legs felt like garbage and I really wanted to throw in the towel at like mile 4, that the run was a metaphor for Ironman and Ironman training - sometimes you feel like crap but you just keep going because the other option is quitting.

Friday, May 4, 2018

IMLP Training Weeks 9-13

Week 9 - Base 2 Week 3
Monday, March 26 - Rest
Tuesday, March 27 - 21 mi bike 
     Time: 8:44pm, Duration: 1:23:08, Avg Speed: 15.2, Loc: Indoor trainer, ME ride 3x15min in Z3 w/ 1:30 recovery, Felt: fine
Wednesday, March 28 - Rest
Thursday, March 29 - 6 mi run  + 2600yd swim
     Time: 6:58pm, Duration: 56:45, Avg Pace: 9:27, Loc: Millennium Trail, ME run with 3x11min in Z3, Felt: good
     Time: 8:31pm, Duration: 57:29, Avg Pace: 1:54, Loc: LHFC pool, (6x50 easy WU, 6 x100 alt. 1-arm free and 50 kick, ladder - 500, 400, 300, 200, 100 ,  WD 200), Felt: great
Friday, March 30 - Rest, Travel to Iowa
Saturday, March 31 - 30 mi ride
     Time: 2:21pm, Duration: 2:01:37, Avg Speed: 14.8, Loc: Indoor trainer, Felt: tired of the trainer and hard to make time for a ride while spending the weekend with family 
Sunday, April 1 - 12 mi run 
     Time: 10:08am, Duration: 1:57:12, Avg Pace: 9:46, Loc: Cascade, Felt: good! able to finish strong!

Totals - 5 sessions, 70.5 miles, 7:16 time
  • 1 swim, 2600 yds, 0:57
  • 2 rides, 51 mi, 3:25
  • 2 runs, 18 mi, 2:54
Week 10 - Base 2 Week 4 - Recovery Week
Monday, April 2 - 15 mi bike
     Time: 8:24 pm, Duration: 1:03:43, Avg Speed: 14.1, Loc: Indoor trainer, Felt: tired from the weekend
Tuesday, April 3 - Rest
Wednesday, April 4 - Rest Travel to Jamaica
Thursday, April 5 - Rest
Friday, April 6 - 3.58 mi run + 20 min strength
     Time: 8:32am, Duration: 35:05, Avg Pace: 9:48, Loc: Treadmill in Jamaica, Felt: hot and sweaty
     Time: 9:18am, Duration: 20:42, leg press, curls, and dumbbell bench press, Felt: good
Saturday, April 7 - Rest
Sunday, April 8 - 5.5 mi run
     Time: 8:30am, Duration: 55:00, Avg Pace: 10:00, Loc: Treadmill in Jamaica, Felt: all the food and drinking maybe starting to get to me a little bit
Totals - 4 sessions, 24.1 miles, 2:54 time
  • 1 ride, 15 mi, 1:03
  • 2 runs, 9.1 mi, 1:30
  • 1 strength, 0:20
Week 11 - Base 3 Week 1 
Monday, April 9 - Rest
Tuesday, April 10 - 5 mi run
     Time: 7:02am, Duration: 51:53, Avg Pace: 10:13, Loc: Treadmill in Jamaica, Felt: humid
Wednesday, April 11 - Rest
Thursday, April 12 - Rest
Friday, April 13 - Rest
Saturday, April 14 - 8 mi run
     Time: 9:55am, Duration: 1:18:42, Avg Pace: 9:50, Loc: Cascade, Felt: like running was the hardest thing in the world
Sunday, April 15 - Rest

Totals - 2 sessions, 13 miles, 2:10 time
  • 2 runs, 13 mi, 2:10
Week 12 - Base 3 Week 2
Monday, April 16 - 27 mi bike
     Time: 6:56pm, Duration: 1:42:43, Avg Speed: 15.8, ME ride with 4 x 5 min in Z4-5, Loc: indoor trainer, Felt: good
Tuesday, April 17 - Rest
Wednesday, April 18 - 5 mi run + 1500 yd swim
     Time: 8:17pm, Duration: 51:54, Avg Pace: 10:23, ME Run with 3 x 5min in Z4-5, Loc: treadmill, Felt: hot and tired
     Time: 9:19pm, Duration: 34:16, Avg Pace: 1:49, Loc: LHFC pool, (6x50 WU, 3 x 100 alt 1-arm pull and 50 kick, 500, 400), Felt: rushed for time
Thursday, April 19 - 21 mi bike
     Time: 7:20pm, Duration: 1:21:41, Avg Speed: 15.4, Loc: Indoor trainer, Felt: okay
Friday, April 20 - Rest
Saturday, April 21 - 3000yd swim
     Time: 6:53am, Duration: 1:05:40, Avg Pace: 1:51, Loc: LHFC pool, (50, 100, 150 WU, 4 sets of 100 with ankle pull buoy and 100 free, 4 sets of 150 free and 50 kick, 2 x 500, 150 WD), Felt: good
Sunday, April 22 - 50 mi bike
     Time: 9:32am, Duration: 3:20:52, Avg Speed: 15.1, Loc: Cascade to Caves, Felt: YAY for riding outside, BOO for windy as hec, then I got a saddle sore -owwww!

Totals - 6 sessions, 106 miles, 8:57 time
  • 2 swims, 4500 yds, 1:40
  • 3 rides, 98.4 mi, 6:25
  • 1 run, 5 mi, 0:51
Week 13 - Base 3 Week 3
Monday, April 23 - Rest
Tuesday, April 24 - Rest
Wednesday, April 25 - 7 mi run (and part 2 because I accidentally stopped my watch) with Holly
     Time: 6:47pm, Duration: 1:08:00 Avg Pace: 9:41, ME Run with 4 x 5min in Z4-5, Loc: Millennium Trail, Felt: good
Thursday, April 26 - Rest - Packing
Friday, April 27 - Rest - Packing
Saturday, April 28 - Moved
Sunday, April 29 - Unpacked

Totals - 1 session, 7 miles, 1:08 time
  • 1 run, 7 mi, 1:08
Total for this cycle
  • 17 swims, 26350 yds, 9:31
  • 25 rides, 475.6 mi, 32:51
  • 28 runs, 160.7 mi, 26:33
  • 7 strength, 6:15
  • I was really hesitant and maybe embarrassed to share this because as you can tell, training hasn't gone well recently. I knew that vacation would throw a wrench into my training and was thankful it was on a recovery week, I wasn't too worried about missing a week of training.  But then I really struggled coming back from vacation and could not seem to get enough sleep. 
  • Then we had to move at the end of April.  We found out we would have to move the last week of March and then we went on vacation for a week.  Our lease was ending but we were hoping to renew, but our landlord decided she was going to sell the place. So it was a really stressful time after that both trying to find a place to live on short notice that would accept our dog and keeping our current place clean for pictures and showings. Do not recommend.  
  • Thankfully the move went smoothly and we had plenty of help. We actually moved two groups in the same day- Matt's coworkers were also moving into a new place and there were 3 of them! But it went well.  Our new place is much smaller (about half the square footage) and my bike and bike trainer are currently just sitting in the middle of the living room.  
  • I'm glad the weather is finally turning around and I am looking forward to riding my bike outside a lot more on the weekend.  
  • Looking forward to jumping right back into training and finishing the cycle strong! 
  • 79 days to go!

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

April Highlights

April was a great and busy month for me.  

  • Traveled to Jamaica to attend the wedding of our friends Chris and Sarah!
  • Relaxed and drank and ate to my heart's content!

  • Celebrated my 30th birthday with a rainbow layer cake.   

  • Enjoyed a massage and found a new chiropractor to get my incredibly irritated piriformis worked out. 
  • Read "A Gentleman in Moscow" and attended tiny book club (only 3 attendees this month). 
  • Getting in my first outdoor ride of the year and surviving the strong wind gusts! 
  • Had to move out of our apartment (now "old apartment") and move into a smaller (and cheaper, yay!) apartment as my landlord is selling the old apartment. It was stressful preparing the old apartment for showings and dealing with trying to find a new place to live on short notice.  
  • Struggling with training consistently during vacation and then the move.  
Looking forward to
  • Having a strong training month in May. And getting outside for more biking!
  • Riding the Ironman Wisconsin bike course for a great training day for IMLP.
  • Celebrating my cousin's high school graduation!  

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

IMLP Training Week 8

Week 8 - Base 2 Week 2
Monday, March 19 - Rest
Tuesday, March 20 - 17 mi bike
     Time: 7:27pm, Duration: 1:12:23, Avg Speed: 14.1, Loc: Indoor trainer, ME ride 3x12 in Z3 w/ 1:30 recovery, Felt: fine
Wednesday, March 21 - 5.0 mi run with Matt and Holly
    Time: 6:37pm, Duration: 51:01, Avg Pace: 10:12, Loc: Millennium Trail, including 2 sets of 3x6 uphill strides, Felt: chilly and underdressed
Thursday, March 22 - 12 mi bike
     Time: 8:14pm, Duration: 51:42, Avg Speed: 13.9, Loc: Indoor trainer, including 2 sets of 3x6 hard revs w/ 2min easy spin, , Felt: busy! so much to do! 
Friday, March 23 - 2100 yd swim + 5.6 mi run
     Time: 6:13am, Duration: 43:53, Avg Pace: 1:59, Loc: LHFC Pool, (WU: 50, 100, 150 easy, 3x100 alt. 1 arm/free, 3x100 ankle pull buoy, 8x150 moderate on 2:55), Felt: could tell it's been awhile since my last swim
     Time: 5:42pm, Duration: 54:48, Avg Pace: 9:44, Loc: Millennium Trail, 6x20sec downhill strides and 3 x 9min/1mile Z3 with 2 min recovery, Felt: good! 
Saturday, March 24 - 36 mi bike
     Time: 12:38pm, Duration: 2:40:25, Avg Speed: 13.5 (15.0 avg moving), Loc: Indoor trainer, Felt: so bored and hungry by the end 
Sunday, March 25 - 1.4 mi warmup + 8K Shamrock Shuffle + 1800 yd swim 
     Time: 8:12am, Duration: 14:20, Avg Pace: 10:04, Loc: Grant Park, Felt: chilly and slowly got the legs and body warmed up
     Time: 9:01am, Duration: 44:54, Avg Pace: 9:02, Felt: yay racing! 
     Time: 4:15pm, Duration: 38:58, Avg Pace: 1:52, Loc: LHFC pool, (6x50 easy, 6x50 with ankle pull buoy, 4x50 kick, 500 , 400, 100), Felt: rushed but happy to get into the pool 

Totals - 8 sessions, 84.4 miles, 8:53 time
  • 2 swim, 3900 yds, 1:23
  • 3 rides, 65.0 mi, 4:44
  • 3 runs , 17.2 mi, 2:45
Total for this cycle
  • 11 swims, 19250 yds, 6:54
  • 19 rides, 311.2 mi, 21:58
  • 20 runs, 108.6 mi, 18:00
  • 6 strength, 5:55

    • My calf feels a lot better this week! Now to keep up with the stretching and foam rolling.  
    • I took a good running selfie on Friday and then it didn't save on my phone.  Womp womp.  I need to keep practicing my technique anyway.  
    • Riding 2.5 hours on the indoor trainer is not surprisingly, very boring .  I watched a few Netflix shows and took a few snack breaks.  I am definitely looking forward to riding outside. I might just bundle up this weekend and tough it out outside. 
    • 116 days to go.  

    Friday, March 23, 2018

    2018 Racing Schedule

    2018 will again be focusing on the Ironman!

    March 25 - Shamrock Shuffle 8k
    June 10 - Ironman 70.3 Madison
    June 16 - Door County Peninsula Spring Classic Century ride
    July 22 - Ironman Lake Placid
    August 11 - Ride Across Wisconsin (RAW)

    My goal race will be the Ironman with the 70.3 in Madison being a tune-up race before that. The Door County Peninsula bike ride is for fun and to get in a l00 mile ride somewhere new!

    Mirror Lake view at IMLP
    RAW was Matt's idea and I let him convince me to do it.  It is only 3 weeks after the Ironman so the legs may be a little iffy yet.  At least it will be fun (I hope ;) )

    My goal for the Ironman is to break 13 hours.  I am putting that out there into the universe.  I believe this is entirely possible for me as I went 13:16 and 13:13 at the last two.  IMLP just announced this year they will be going back to the "original" bike course which means more elevation gain! So if you need me, I'll be out riding some hills!

    Thursday, March 22, 2018

    IMLP Training Week 7

    Week 7 - Base 2 Week 1
    Monday, March 12- Rest
    Tuesday, March 13 - 4.86 mi run with Holly + strength + 2000yd swim
         Time: 6:23pm, Duration: 46:52, Avg Pace: 9:38, 3x6 uphill strides, Loc: Millennium trail, Felt: good
         Strength: Strong Phase 1 Stage 2 Workout A, Time: 8:22pm, Duration: 44:00, Felt: Good, better at these exercises   
         Time: 9:15pm, Duration: 43:00, Avg Pace: 2:09, (6x50 easy WU, 4x100 alt. 1 arm pull and free, 3x100 ankle pull buoy,  5x200 moderate w/ 15s rest), Felt: new drill with ankle pull buoy was tough

    Wednesday, March 14 - 12.4 mi bike
         Time: 9:07pm, Duration: 1:01:00, Avg Speed: 12.2, Loc: Indoor trainer, 10, 8, 10 min in Z3, Felt: irritated by myself for    starting so late and then irritated that speed sensor kept dropping out
    Thursday, March 15 - 5.4 mi run with Holly
         Time: 6:39pm, Duration: 52:27, Avg Pace: 9:43, Loc: Millennium Trail, 3x8 min in Z3 w/ 2 min recovery, Felt: left calf very tight but able to run in zones well
    Friday, March 16 - 11 mi bike
         Time: 6:13am, Duration: 46:49, Avg Speed: 14.1, Loc: Indoor trainer, Force ride with 3x6 revs hard/2 min easy spin, Felt: calf still tight
    Saturday, March 17- 4.1 mi run with Holly
         Time: 10:05am, Duration: 40:34, Avg Pace: 9:51, Loc: Cascade, Felt: calf still tight
    Sunday, March 18 - 25 mi bike
         Time: 9:42pm, Duration: 1:44:46, Avg Speed: 14.3 mph, Loc: Indoor Trainer, Felt: struggled to even get HR up to Z2

    Totals - 8 sessions, 64 miles, 7:19 time
    • 1 swim, 2000 yds, 0:43 
    • 3 rides, 48.4 mi, 3:28 
    • 3 runs , 14.4 mi, 2:20 
    • 1 strength, 0:44 

    Total for this cycle
    • 9 swims, 15350 yds, 5:31 
    • 16 rides, 246.2 mi, 17:14 
    • 17 runs, 91.4 mi, 15:15 
    • 6 strength, 5:55
    Need to practice my running selfie too.  

    • My left calf got very irritated after Thursday's run. It felt like I had gotten a charlie horse and there was just a ball of really tight muscle still in there.  I stretched and massaged it on Friday and Saturday and thankfully by Sunday it felt pretty good.  I decided to cut my run short on Saturday because it was still tight.  I'd rather train less right now than risk injury.  
    • I switched the battery out in my speed sensor on my bike and updated and restarted my watch so I am hopeful I've fixed the speed dropping out issue.  I know indoor trainer "miles" don't matter and aren't equivalent to outdoor miles but I just want to know when I am going faster. First world problems. 
    • I don't love how dark it is in the mornings but I sure love having a lot of light after work! I was able to run on Millennium Trail on both Tuesday and Thursday. It's been a few months since I've been able to run there because I won't run there in the dark.  
    • Matt was gone again this week but now he doesn't have any upcoming travel on his schedule! Yay!  
    • We got back at 9:30pm on Sunday night from our weekend visit to Iowa and I got on my bike and rode till a little after 11pm.  Crazy? Yes, but I wanted to get a ride in.  I am looking forward to warmer weather and being able to ride my bike outside! 
    • 122 days to go! 

    Thursday, March 15, 2018

    IMLP Training Week 4, 5, and 6

    Week 4 - Base 1 Week 2
    Monday, February 19 - 12.06 mi bike
         Time: 9:05pm, Duration: 52:45, Avg Speed: 13.7, Loc: Indoor Trainer, Felt: leg stabilizer muscles sore from yesterday's run
    Tuesday, February 20 - Rest
    Wednesday, February 21 - Rest
    Thursday, February 22 - 5.5 mi run + strength + 1600 yd swim
        Time: 6:50pm, Duration: 55:24, Avg Pace: 10:05, Loc: Treadmill, Felt: tired of the treadmill
         Strength: Strong Phase 1 Stage 2 Workout A, Time: 7:52pm, Duration: 41:26, Felt: new workout moves, yay!
         Time: 8:37pm, Duration: 33:38, Avg Pace: 1:54, (500WU, 6 x100 hard, 200 drills, 200 moderate, 100WD), Felt: excited about seeing improvement in my 100 times
    Friday, February 23 - 12.3 mi bike
         Time: 5:30am, Duration: 50:04, Avg Speed: 14.7, Loc: Indoor trainer, Felt: tired and wished I was in bed instead
    Saturday, February 24 - 23.0 mi bike
         Time: 6:06pm, Duration: 1:33:24, Avg Speed: 14.8, Loc: Indoor Trainer, Felt: fine
    Sunday, February 25 - 8.5 mi run
         Time: 2:11pm, Duration: 1:23:25, Avg Pace: 9:49, Felt: great! little windy but able to run negative splits

    Totals - 7 sessions, 62 miles, 6:50 time
    • 1 swim, 1600 yds, 0:41
    • 3 rides, 47.4 mi, 3:16
    • 2 runs , 14.0 mi, 2:18
    • 1 strength, 0:41

    Week 5 - Base 1 Week 3
    Monday, February 26- Rest
    Tuesday, February 27 - 5 mi run w/ Holly
         Time: 7:10pm, Duration: 54:53, Avg Pace: 10:58, Loc: Neighborhood, Felt: legs felt like dead weights, even Holly wasn't into it
    Wednesday, February 28 - 14.5 mi bike 
         Time: 7:47pm, Duration: 1:00:31, Avg Speed: 14.4, Loc: Indoor trainer, Felt: hungry
    Thursday, March 1 - Rest
    Friday, March 2 - 11 mi bike + 3 mi run + 2250yd swim
         Time: 6:44am, Duration: 45:20, Avg Speed: 14.6, Loc: Indoor trainer, Felt: determined to get the ride in even though I got up late
         Time: 6:28pm, Duration: 29:42, Avg Pace: 9:56, Loc: Neighborhood, Felt: underdressed
         Time: 8:09pm, Duration: 47:20, Avg Pace: 1:52, (6x50 easy, 6x100 alt. 1-arm pull and free, 9x150), Felt: rushed for time at the end bc the gym closes at 9
    Saturday, March 3 -  strength + 1900yd swim
         Strength: Strong Phase 1 Stage 2 Workout B, Time: 7:14am, Duration: 32:10, Felt: fine 
         Time: 7:53am, Duration: 41:47, Avg Pace: 2:02, (6x50 easy, 6x100 alt. 1-arm pull and free, 5x200), Felt: good 
    Sunday, March 4 - 8 mi run w/ Holly
         Time: 9:17am, Duration: 1:20:31, Avg Pace: 10:04, Loc: Cascade, Felt: hills are hard!

    Totals - 8 sessions, 44 miles, 6:32 time
    • 2 swims, 4150 yds, 1:29
    • 2 rides, 25.5 mi, 1:46
    • 3 runs , 16.0 mi, 2:45
    • 1 strength, 0:32

    Week 6 - Base 1 Week 4 Recovery
    Monday, March 5- Rest
    Tuesday, March 6 - Rest
    Wednesday, March 7 - 3.5 mi run + strength + 11 mi ride 
         Time: 8:00pm, Duration: 36:37, Avg Pace: 10:27, Loc: Treadmill, Felt: bored by treadmill
         Strength: Strong Phase 1 Stage 2 workout A, Time: 8:42pm, Duration: 30:56, Felt: good
         Time: 9:45pm, Duration: 54:34, Avg Speed: 12.1, Loc: Indoor trainer, Felt: legs were tired after other workouts
    Thursday, March 8 - 3 mi run + 1800yd swim
         Time: 8:19pm, Duration: 31:41, Avg Pace: 10:34, Loc: treadmill, Felt: major DOMS from lunges in the glutes and legs
         Time: 9:03pm, Duration: 40:15, Avg Pace: 1:51, (4x50 easy, 4x50 pull buoy, 4x50 kick, 4x300 moderate), Felt: good!
    Friday, March 9 - Rest
    Saturday, March 10 -  28.5 mi ride + strength + 1600yd swim
         Time: 2:49pm, Duration: 2:00:34, Avg Speed: 14.2, Loc: indoor trainer, Felt: good, legs still a little sore from strength
         Strength: Strong Phase 1 Stage 2 Workout B, Time: 5:36pm, Duration: 31:31, Felt: legs tired after bike
         Time: 6:17pm, Duration: 31:38, Avg Pace: 1:51, (400WU, 1000 test hard, 100WD), Felt: smooth and strong
    Sunday, March 11 - 8 mi run (4 with Matt and Holly) + 10.1 mi ride + yoga
         Time: 10:20am, Duration: 1:19:38, Avg Pace: 9:57, Loc: Pine Dunes FP, Felt: working hard to run through the sloppy path
         Time: 9:38pm, Duration: 45:03, Avg Speed: 13.4 mph, Loc: Indoor Trainer, Felt: easy recovery
         Time: 10:30pm, Duration: 23:00, Yoga for Cyclists by Yoga by Adriene,  Felt: good to stretch glutes and hips

    Totals - 11 sessions, 66 miles, 8:45 time
    • 2 swims, 3400 yds, 1:12
    • 3 rides, 49.6 mi, 3:40
    • 3 runs , 14.5 mi, 2:28
    • 2 strength, 1:02
    • 1 yoga, 0:23

    Total for this cycle
    • 8 swims, 13350 yds, 4:48
    • 13 rides, 197.8 mi, 13:46
    • 14 runs, 77.0 mi, 12:55
    • 5 strength, 5:11
    Waiting to lick the salt off my legs
    • It's been a few weeks, hasn't it?! Ironman training takes up a lot of time!
    • My husband has been traveling a lot for work lately (currently on the third week in a row!).  It's a lot to manage on my own but I'm (sort of) making it work. Sometimes though, I stand in front of the open fridge door and wonder what the heck I am going to eat and then I get sad there is no food I want to eat in there. How did I do this when we weren't living together -- oh yeah, I ate cereal for dinner regularly.  I'll be glad when he is traveling less again and can walk the dog instead of me :) 
    • I'm really happy with how my fitness is coming along.  My running pace is getting faster! 
    • I was so glad so have a recovery week, I even got to take a nap on the couch one night! I needed it as I was pooped! 
    • 129 days to go! 

    Thursday, March 1, 2018

    S-NO-W Fun Run 2018

    Six word recap: Out of shape, running is hard.

    S-NO-W Fun Run
    January 6, 2018 
    2:30 pm
    5 mile run

    This is the second year, Matt and I have completed this race. Of course, the real draw is the after-party and we completed that too! Our friends, Ben and Kyleen convinced to sign up again this year.  My biggest goal this year was to not party as hard as last year and spoiler, I managed to accomplish that.

    The race and party all takes place at the Grand Geneva Resort in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.  So when you party too hard at the after-party, you only need to stumble back to your room.  Our group of four headed up to Lake Geneva on Friday night after work .  We made sure to purchase beer before dinner as you cannot purchase alcohol from a store after 9pm in Wisconsin. Dinner was the fish fry at Popeye's.  It was very chilly Friday night so  I needed a warm coffee to warm me up!  We enjoyed the pool and a drink before calling it a night.  No need to set the alarms for Saturday as the race starts well into the day at 2:30 pm.

    We had a leisurely morning grabbing breakfast at Simple Cafe, a staple in Lake Geneva for us now - we've been there three times now and it doesn't disappoint.  After breezily making our way through packet pickup, we relaxed in our hotel room before the race.  Around 2pm, I got dressed in my layers - for my own reference: insulated tights and insulated running top with a long sleeve shirt underneath.  The temperature was around 12 degrees and sunny with very little wind!  Our group went out a did a short warm up jog to get the blood flowing in the legs.

    The course changed slightly this year so instead of waiting to start outside, runners are able to wait inside the Forum banquet room till right before the start. Yay, warmth! Matt, Kyleen and I all started together with a loose plan to stay together for at least the early part of the race.  The place leading out from the start was crowded so the start was fairly slow.  As we made our way around the hotel buildings, the crowd stayed pretty much the same but as soon as we left the path for the open road, spacing improved quickly.  After a nice, easy downhill section, I settled into a nice "comfortably hard" pace.  There isn't too much to note from miles 2-4.5.  The wind wasn't a factor at all this year which was great and I never felt too cold.  Before this race, I'd maybe ran 10 miles in the whole month of December, so even running at an "easy pace" felt tough.  Turns out not training, doesn't make you faster.  Go figure.

    Near the end of the race, you have to run back up the long hill which blerg.  I walked some of that hill! After the big hill, the finish is a gradual downhill back around the hotel!  It felt great to stop running!

    Then the real fun begins!  Once you cross the finish line, you go back inside to the schnapps buffet!  Imagine every flavor of schnapps and then some and that's what it looks like.  It's also very difficult to do a bunch of shots after you just ran hard -- not to mention I don't love shots in the first place.

    Even though I was the slowest out of our group, I still managed to grab second place in my age division - 29 - one-year age groups with a 47:43.  We celebrated with the free beer and free food.  Last year, we made the mistake of going back to our room right after the race to shower and missed out on most of the food - not this time!  The run also has raffle prizes but you have to be present to win, we had planned to stay till that but they announced it would be another 45 minutes till they started so we opted to go back and shower then.  When we made it back 45 minutes later, raffle prizes were all ready finished, rats!! Next year we will learn our lesson for that too!

    The rest of the night was mostly shenanigans.  The sausage dance and hunk dance were incredibly raunchy and the costumes--oh boy. The theme this year was pajama party and Matt and I sported our very family-friendly pajamas as shown below - Holly was not included. 

    We also got to join in on a giant game of flippy cup and ended the night at the pool! Oh and we got pizza! Plus I wasn't hungover in the morning so I win! 

    Cost: $39.22
    Pros: great, debaucherous after-party with free food and drinks, gets the year started off with a fun race
    Cons: weather can be a crap-shoot since it is January, I am usually incredibly out-of-shape at this time of the year 
    Would I do it again?  Yup!

    Friday, February 23, 2018

    IMLP Training Week 3

    Week 3 - Base 1 Week 1 
    Monday, February 12 - 13 mi bike 
         Time: 8:45 pm, Duration: 54:13, Avg Speed: 14.4, Loc: Indoor Trainer, Felt: working too hard for an easy ride 
    Tuesday, February 13 - Rest
    Wednesday, February 14 - Rest
    Thursday, February 15 - 5 mi run + strength
        Time: 8:13 pm, Duration: 49:49, Avg Pace: 9:56, Loc: Treadmill, Felt: less tired finally
         Strength: Strong Phase 1 Stage 1 Special Workout, Time: 9:08 pm, Duration: 29:45, Felt: ready for bed not lifting
    Friday, February 16 - Rest
    Saturday, February 17 - 7 mi run w/ Holly
         Time: 3:03 pm, Duration: 1:10:22, Avg Pace: 10:01, Loc: Cascade, Felt: 
    Sunday, February 18 - Rest

    Totals - 4 sessions, 25 miles, 3:24 time
    • 1 rides, 13.0 mi, 0:54
    • 2 runs , 12.0 mi, 2:00
    • 1 strength, 0:29
    Total for this cycle
    • 3 swim, 4200 yds, 1:26
    • 5 rides, 75.3 mi, 5:04
    • 6 runs, 32.5 mi, 5:24
    • 5 strength, 2:56

    • Not the best week by any means, but I'm moving on.  No use dwelling on it.  
    • Holly ran 7 miles with me - that is a distance record for her.  I always thought she didn't  like to run longer than about 3 miles but it turns out that she just doesn't like to run when the temperature is over about 60 degrees.  
    • Also on our run, we saw a large rodent.  I've done some internet research and I'm still not sure what I saw.  Maybe a vole?  It was larger than a mouse, about the size of a large rat, but with a rounder head.  Holly was very, very interested in this creature and I had to drag her away.  I was not about to lead her get bit by or kill this rodent.  
    • Also on our run, the first half or so I was running through a lot of either sloshy snow or fresh snow and it was pretty slick.  That made for some sore stabilizer muscles on Sunday.  I was glad to get on some cleaner roads for the second half of the run.  

    Friday, February 16, 2018

    IMLP Training Week 2

    Week 2 - Prep Rest and Test
    Monday, February 5 - strength + 1700 yd swim
         Strong: Phase 1, Stage 1, workout A, Time: 8:22 pm, Duration: 41:10, Felt: struggling today
         Time: 9:14 pm, Duration: 34:43, Avg Pace: 1:55, (500WU, 1000 pace test, 200 WD), Felt: sluggish
    Tuesday, February 6 - 14 mi ride + yoga
         Time: 8:07 pm, Duration: 1:02:48, Avg Speed: 13.4, Loc: Indoor Trainer, Felt: legs felt heavy
         Post-ride yoga, Time: 9:30 pm, Duration: 11:00, Felt: calves are TIGHT! 
    Wednesday, February 7 - Rest
    Thursday, February 8 - 13.3 mi ride threshold test
        Time: 4:44 am, Duration: 50:02, Avg Speed: 15.9, Loc: Indoor Trainer,  Felt: sleepy, but happy with how the test went 
    Friday, February 9 - 5 mi run + strength
         Time: 9:48 am, Duration: 49:59, Pace: 9:59, Loc: Orlando!, Felt: great to run outside in the heat, felt a little hot but expected that
         Strong: Phase 1, Stage 1, workout B, Time: 10:47 am, Duration: 29:05, Felt: good
    Saturday, February 10 - 1000 yd swim + walking 13 miles at Disney!
         Time: 7:52 am, Duration: 21:28, Pace: 2:00, (500WU, 2x200, 100WD), Felt: like I can't swim straight without lane lines 
    Sunday, February 11 - Rest

    Totals - 8 sessions, 33.87 miles, 5:00 time
    • 2 swims, 2700 yds, 0:56
    • 2 rides, 27.3 mi, 1:52
    • 1 run , 5.0 mi, 0:49
    • 2 strength, 1:10
    • 1 yoga, 0:11
    Total for this cycle
    • 3 swim, 4200 yds, 1:26
    • 4 rides, 62.3 mi, 4:10
    • 4 runs, 20.5 mi, 3:24
    • 4 strength, 2:27
    • I was lucky enough to escape the snow last weekend and visit Orlando with my cousin and a friend of hers.  It was great until I came back and had to clean 14 inches of snow off my car. I managed to get in a workout each day we were there which I was happy with (even if it was only a 20 minute swim).  
    • I had intended to get a bike ride in once I got back on Sunday but with only 2 hours of sleep on Saturday night I took a nap on the couch instead. 
    • I need to prioritize sleep more.  I'm feel like halfway through the week my energy is depleted.  
    • Next up is Base training - the "real" training plan begins.  

    Thursday, February 8, 2018

    IMLP Training Week 1

    Week 1 - Prep
    Monday, January 29 - Rest
    Tuesday, January 30 - 4 mi run + strength + 1500yd swim + stretching
        Run with Holly, Time: 6:23 pm, Duration: 41:19, Pace: 10:21 min/mi, Temp: 28°, Loc: Neighborhood, Felt: good, nice to run outside during the week again
         Strong: Phase 1, Stage 1, workout A, Time: 8:13 pm, Duration: 44:57, Felt: like I'm making progress
         Time: 9:09 pm, Duration: 30:32, Avg Pace: 1:55, (500WU, 5x100 on 2:00, 200, 200 drills, 100WD) Felt: ready for bed
    Wednesday, January 31 - WERQ class + strength
         Time: 6:36 pm, Duration: 47:36, Felt: not challenged by class cardio-wise
         Strong: Phase 1, Stage 1, workout B, Time: 7:25pm, Duration: 33:01, Felt: hungry
    Thursday, February 1 - 4.5 mi run
        Time: 8:38 pm, Duration: 47:42, Pace: 10:35, Location: Treadmill,  Felt: glad to be on treadmill because my stomach was upset
    Friday, February 2 - Rest
    Saturday, February 3 - 7 mi run + 10 mi ride 
        Run with Holly (5 miles) and Matt (2.5 miles) Time: 3:05 pm, Duration: 1:06:31, Pace: 9:30, Temp: 36°, Loc: Pine Dunes, Felt: great! 
         Time: 9:09 pm, Duration: 45:41, Speed: 13.2, Loc: Indoor Trainer, Felt: easy, take it easy ride 
    Sunday, February 4 - 20 mi ride  + stretching
        Time:11:17 am, Duration: 1:32:24, Speed: 13.0, Loc: Indoor Trainer, Felt: butt was sore

    Totals - 9 sessions, 46.38 miles, 7:29 time
    • 1 swim, 1500 yds, 0:30
    • 2 rides, 35 mi, 2:18
    • 3 runs, 15.5 mi, 2:35
    • 2 strength, 1:17
    Total for this cycle
    • 1 swim, 1500 yds, 0:30
    • 2 rides, 35 mi, 2:18
    • 3 runs, 15.5 mi, 2:35
    • 2 strength, 1:17
      Gray day at Pine Dunes
    • Ironman training has begun! I'll write more about my race schedule soon, but I am training for Ironman Lake Placid. 
    • My goal this time around for ironman training is to be more consistent i.e.  not taking more than one rest day in a row.  
    • I have 24 more weeks to go till the race.
    • I'm enjoying that the weather has been a bit better and I'm able to get outside at least for a few runs.  I'm looking forward to biking outside as well.   

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