Thursday, March 22, 2018

IMLP Training Week 7

Week 7 - Base 2 Week 1
Monday, March 12- Rest
Tuesday, March 13 - 4.86 mi run with Holly + strength + 2000yd swim
     Time: 6:23pm, Duration: 46:52, Avg Pace: 9:38, 3x6 uphill strides, Loc: Millennium trail, Felt: good
     Strength: Strong Phase 1 Stage 2 Workout A, Time: 8:22pm, Duration: 44:00, Felt: Good, better at these exercises   
     Time: 9:15pm, Duration: 43:00, Avg Pace: 2:09, (6x50 easy WU, 4x100 alt. 1 arm pull and free, 3x100 ankle pull buoy,  5x200 moderate w/ 15s rest), Felt: new drill with ankle pull buoy was tough

Wednesday, March 14 - 12.4 mi bike
     Time: 9:07pm, Duration: 1:01:00, Avg Speed: 12.2, Loc: Indoor trainer, 10, 8, 10 min in Z3, Felt: irritated by myself for    starting so late and then irritated that speed sensor kept dropping out
Thursday, March 15 - 5.4 mi run with Holly
     Time: 6:39pm, Duration: 52:27, Avg Pace: 9:43, Loc: Millennium Trail, 3x8 min in Z3 w/ 2 min recovery, Felt: left calf very tight but able to run in zones well
Friday, March 16 - 11 mi bike
     Time: 6:13am, Duration: 46:49, Avg Speed: 14.1, Loc: Indoor trainer, Force ride with 3x6 revs hard/2 min easy spin, Felt: calf still tight
Saturday, March 17- 4.1 mi run with Holly
     Time: 10:05am, Duration: 40:34, Avg Pace: 9:51, Loc: Cascade, Felt: calf still tight
Sunday, March 18 - 25 mi bike
     Time: 9:42pm, Duration: 1:44:46, Avg Speed: 14.3 mph, Loc: Indoor Trainer, Felt: struggled to even get HR up to Z2

Totals - 8 sessions, 64 miles, 7:19 time
  • 1 swim, 2000 yds, 0:43 
  • 3 rides, 48.4 mi, 3:28 
  • 3 runs , 14.4 mi, 2:20 
  • 1 strength, 0:44 

Total for this cycle
  • 9 swims, 15350 yds, 5:31 
  • 16 rides, 246.2 mi, 17:14 
  • 17 runs, 91.4 mi, 15:15 
  • 6 strength, 5:55
Need to practice my running selfie too.  

  • My left calf got very irritated after Thursday's run. It felt like I had gotten a charlie horse and there was just a ball of really tight muscle still in there.  I stretched and massaged it on Friday and Saturday and thankfully by Sunday it felt pretty good.  I decided to cut my run short on Saturday because it was still tight.  I'd rather train less right now than risk injury.  
  • I switched the battery out in my speed sensor on my bike and updated and restarted my watch so I am hopeful I've fixed the speed dropping out issue.  I know indoor trainer "miles" don't matter and aren't equivalent to outdoor miles but I just want to know when I am going faster. First world problems. 
  • I don't love how dark it is in the mornings but I sure love having a lot of light after work! I was able to run on Millennium Trail on both Tuesday and Thursday. It's been a few months since I've been able to run there because I won't run there in the dark.  
  • Matt was gone again this week but now he doesn't have any upcoming travel on his schedule! Yay!  
  • We got back at 9:30pm on Sunday night from our weekend visit to Iowa and I got on my bike and rode till a little after 11pm.  Crazy? Yes, but I wanted to get a ride in.  I am looking forward to warmer weather and being able to ride my bike outside! 
  • 122 days to go! 
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