Wednesday, May 2, 2018

April Highlights

April was a great and busy month for me.  

  • Traveled to Jamaica to attend the wedding of our friends Chris and Sarah!
  • Relaxed and drank and ate to my heart's content!

  • Celebrated my 30th birthday with a rainbow layer cake.   

  • Enjoyed a massage and found a new chiropractor to get my incredibly irritated piriformis worked out. 
  • Read "A Gentleman in Moscow" and attended tiny book club (only 3 attendees this month). 
  • Getting in my first outdoor ride of the year and surviving the strong wind gusts! 
  • Had to move out of our apartment (now "old apartment") and move into a smaller (and cheaper, yay!) apartment as my landlord is selling the old apartment. It was stressful preparing the old apartment for showings and dealing with trying to find a new place to live on short notice.  
  • Struggling with training consistently during vacation and then the move.  
Looking forward to
  • Having a strong training month in May. And getting outside for more biking!
  • Riding the Ironman Wisconsin bike course for a great training day for IMLP.
  • Celebrating my cousin's high school graduation!  

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