Thanks for stopping by!  I'm so glad to have you.  My name is Alyssa Kurt and I am a 27 year-old fun-loving young woman.  Follow my journey as I try to find balance between work, triathlons, my husband, and my friendships!

Growing up I was always an active and fun-loving child.  During the summer you were most likely to find me swimming laps or doing flips off the diving boards at the local pool or playing a game of softball.  Basketball and sledding kept me busy in the winter.  I competed in individual sports like gymnastics and played golf with my dad for fun.  Turns out my competitiveness and my love of sports followed me throughout high school and even into college where I was on the softball team for 2 years.  After transferring to the University of Iowa in the fall of 2008 I stayed active by taking step aerobic and strength training classes, but definitely missed competing and playing sports.  Little did I know, that a new friendship was brewing that would lead me down the path of a new and exciting competition.

In August 2010, I became a triathlete in 4 grueling hours and 5 minutes.  This wouldn't have ever happened without my friends Laura and Austin who completed the triathlon with me.  It was HARD!  But upon finishing I was hooked.  Since then I have completed several more and finished my first Ironman in September 2014.

I graduated in December 2010 with my degree in biomedical engineering from the University of Iowa.  I got incredibly lucky when a great job fell into my lap.  I work as a biomedical engineer for a small medical device development and manufacturing company.  So far it has been a great experience and feel like I learn something new everyday.  The occasional Friday afternoon summer cookout with beer doesn't hurt either.

[my love]
On November 29, 2014, I married Matt and we started our life together.  We currently live in Huntley, Illinois.  Matt and I are high school sweethearts and dated long-distance relationship for about 8 years. It makes me so happy to come home to him every night.  Together we enjoy many adventures including skiing and biking. However, he is more than content to spectate at triathlons instead of competing!

Between training for races and work I also try to find a few minutes to cook myself dinner and bake goodies which I love to share with you.  I try to focus on whole foods and home-cooked meals.  Don't get me wrong though I still love my chocolate and ice cream.  From time to time I will share a meal with you, and maybe some cookies.

I love my Iowa Hawkeyes and the Green Bay Packers!  Football fall weekends are best served with some Bud Light and tailgating.

I write about all these things, but I don't think any topic is off limits!

Thanks for stopping by!
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